A lockdown of a building or group of buildings is an emergency procedure intended to secure and protect occupants. By controlling entry/exit and movement within a facility, emergency personnel are better able to contain and handle any threats.

Notification of Lockdown

A notification to occupants to lockdown will be sent via UBC Alert. Where UBC Alert cannot be used, alternative means may be used.

Lockdown Procedures

  • If you are in a classroom, room or office, stay there, secure the door and windows and await further instructions.
  • If the door does not lock, barricade the door with furniture.
  • If you are in a corridor, go into the closest room not already secured and lock or barricade the door and windows.
  • Close curtains or blinds where possible.
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • Stay low and quiet.
  • Cell phones should be put on silent or vibrate. Do NOT make non essential calls.
  • Follow instructions from emergency personnel only.
  • If the fire alarm is activated, if safe remain where you are and await further instructions from emergency personnel.
  • If possible, monitor www.ubc.ca for updates.
  • Follow instructions from police at all times to avoid harm and ensure the best possible response.  For their own safety, emergency personnel must initially consider all individuals as potential threats.

Actions to avoid

  • Do NOT open the door once it has been secured until you are officially advised “all clear” or are certain it is emergency response personnel at the door.
  • Do NOT use or hide in washrooms.
  • Do NOT travel down long corridors.
  • Do NOT assemble in large open areas (e.g. cafeterias).
  • Do NOT call 911 unless you have immediate concern for your safety, the safety of others, or feel you have critical information that will assist emergency personnel in the response.

Following the lockdown

  • Cooperate with emergency personnel to assist in an orderly evacuation.
  • The police may require individuals to remain available for questioning following a lockdown.
  • Check in with your supervisor.