UBC Alert

UBC Alert is the university’s mass notification system to send alerts in urgent situations that pose an immediate safety or security risk to the community. Messages are coordinated through UBC Alert to populate push notifications (Safety App), sms messages, web alert bars on the UBC Okanagan campus homepage, and digital signage across campus.

Why is this needed?

In an urgent situation on campus, we may need to provide information about what is happening as soon as possible. This way, you can make informed decisions that prioritize your personal safety.

The UBC Alert is part of the university’s commitment to proactively plan for emergency situations.

Making sure you are signed up

The UBC Alert system is known as an opt out system, meaning you are automatically signed up unless you actively opt out.

Faculty and Staff

Including a mobile number in your Workday contact information will enable UBC to send you alerts in urgent situations that pose an immediate safety or security risk to the community.

You can review and edit your contact information by logging into Workday.

For information on how to access Workday and update your contact information, visit the Workday Knowledge base.

If you encounter problems when using Workday, please visit the Integrated Service Centre (ISC).


Log into the UBC Student Service Centre.

Add or update your mobile phone number (capable of receiving texts) in the “Cell” field on your SSC – Contact Summary page.

When will UBC Alert be used?

UBC Alert will be used in active and urgent situations that require your immediate attention because they have the potential to:

  • Result in serious harm to people;
  • Cause substantial damage to property; and/or
  • Disrupt the usual activities of the university.

UBC Alert will broadcast information in situations such as:

  • Campus closures due to severe weather;
  • Campus evacuations or impacts because of infrastructure or hazmat related issues; and/or
  • Direction to evacuate, shelter/lock down or Run-Hide-Fight due to security related issues.