First Aid

Assess Your Surroundings.  Always ensure that there is no further danger to the victim or to yourself.

If you are NOT trained to administer first aid:

Call 911 and Campus Security 250.807.8111 to notify Campus First Aid.  Have someone meet emergency personnel and escort them to the scene.

  • Do NOT attempt to administer CPR if you are not trained.
  • If an individual is bleeding, apply pressure to the wound by using a tourniquet (e.g. tying a piece of cloth around the wound).
  • Assist the injured in any way possible (within your comfort level) that will not cause further harm to the individual.  USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT.
  • Faculty and Staff – call 250.807.8111 to summon Campus First Aid.
  • Students – call 911.
  • When you are calling 250.807.8111 or 911:
    • State your name.
    • Give the address where the injured victim is and the nearest intersection.
    • If possible, give information about the injured victim:  name, age, gender, type of injury, medical history.

If you are trained to administer first aid:

  • Before starting any First Aid, always ensure that there is no further danger to the victim or to yourself.
  • Do NOT move the victim except in life-threatening situations.(e.g. if a victim is in an area where they can be hit by a moving vehicle).
  • Do NOT leave the victim unattended – if you must leave to call for help, place the victim in recovery position.
  • If possible, universal precautions (e.g. wearing latex or waterproof gloves) should be followed whenever contact with blood or body fluids are likely to occur.  Your local first aid kit should contain latex gloves and an artificial respiration mask.
  • Report all injuries to your supervisor or instructor and complete the appropriate documentation.

Recovery Position:      Recovery Position