Fire Safety

If you discover a fire or explosion:

  • Immediately activate the closest fire pull alarm.
  • Only attempt to use a fire extinguisher if you are confident and it is safe to do so (refer to “Using a Fire Extinguisher” below).
  • To help contain the fire, close windows and doors that are near to you on your way out, but ONLY DO SO IF IT IS SAFE.
  • Follow evacuation procedures,

When a fire alarm is activated:

  • It MUST be treated as a real emergency.
  • Follow your building emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Never open a closed door without checking it for heat first.
  • If the door is hot, do NOT open it. If it’s not hot, open it slowly, standing behind it to one side, and be prepared to shut it quickly if fire is present.
  • Follow evacuation procedures,

If trapped in a room by fire:

  • Block smoke from entering the room by closing doors and placing damp cloth material around/under doors.
  • Communicate your location – phone 911 and give the fire department your exact location or phone Campus Security ; if this not possible, be prepared to signal from a window.
  • Do NOT open the window or break glass unless absolutely necessary.

If you are caught in smoke:

  • Know in advance your exit route and how many doors you will have to pass before you reach the nearest exit.
  • Drop to your knees and crawl.
  • Breathe shallowly through your nose. Use a damp cloth over your mouth and nose to filter out smoke.
  • Stay calm.

If clothing catches on fire:


STOP where you are.

DROP to the floor.

ROLL to the floor.

Someone else’s:

Grab a blanket, rug or coat and wrap them in it to smother the flames.

Using a fire extinguisher:

Only attempt to use a fire extinguisher*:

  • if you are confident and it is safe to do so.
  • If the fire is small and contained.
  • If you have an unobstructed exit route behind you.

*Note: On average, the sustained usage of a typical fire extinguisher will last approximately 12 – 15 seconds.


PULL safety pin from handle

AIM at the base of flame

SQUEEZE the trigger handle

SWEEP from side to side

For Fire Extinguisher problems, maintenance or replacement, call Facilities Management at 250-807-9272.