Emergency Preparedness

An emergency, disaster, accident and injury can occur at any time and without warning. Being prepared to handle emergency is an individual, as well as an organizational responsibility. Employees and students need to ensure they aware of safety procedures and emergency protocols. Supervisors need to provide related training and supervision.

All areas of UBC have:

  • A Building Emergency Response Plan
  • Posted Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Pre-Designated Meeting Area
  • Floor Wardens
  • First Aid Services

What can I do to be better prepared BEFORE an emergency occurs?

  • Review the content of the Procedures section.
  • Review your posted Emergency Evacuation Plans.
  • Know locations of fire pull alarms, fire extinguishers and first aid kits (where available) and AED’s.
  • Participate

For more information and/or training on safety issues, contact your Health and Safety Committee (LHSC) representative or Health, Safety and Environment.